Nate + Lauree // Mt. Gretna Engagement Session

And meet the other beautiful couple (that I referenced to in my last post.)

I REALLY REALLY enjoyed coming alongside Lauree with all her amazing inspiration for their e-session to storytell the love that they hold for each other. Just the sweetest most kind individuals that you will meet. YAY for adding in to all the love & celebration for two adorable couples that will be married on the same day in just a few short months.


Caleb + Renee // West Reading Engagement Session

I was so excited when Caleb + Renee booked me to document their wedding. And then to add to the sweetness I got a "suprise news" phone call soon after with Renee saying that they are going to fill in more love to the celebration and its going to be a double wedding with her sister!! I am like "Heck Yeah" the more love the better!! This is going to be an awesome party!

Caleb + Renee met me half way in West Reading to grab some cute ice cream themed photos for thier mini engagement session. Honestly They are the cutest couple ever! Just take a looksee below!!

Zach + Raquael | Wind in the Willows

Zach + Raquael get the cutest couple award! I mean seriously look at them!  They were so much fun and relaxed but how can't you be when you are marrying your best friend! <3 The thing i loved about them is they made their wedding very personable with a yummy pizza truck, "hand crafted socks", (oh yeah I laughed for a while on that one) and the best dance party to date!

Thank you for sharing your love story with us! 

Chris + Krystine //Silver Birches Resort wedding // Poconos PA

Have you ever been to the Poconos in the Fall? Well if not, please do yourself a favor and GO! Its stunning. I got the ultimate privilege to photograph Chis and Krystine's wedding in all its color!

Their wedding day was beyond lovely and so welcoming! We started off at the beautiful Silver Birches Resort tucked beside Lake Wallenpaupack. Then off to the adorable chapel down the road with a stop off at their very own house that boasted all the glory of Fall! I love that we added all things personal to their day! Cara and I felt like we were HOME!


Jared + Amanda // Farm Wedding // Quarryville PA

Jared and Amanda are the most genuine couple you will ever meet. Both raised on dairy farms and brought up to have a hard working spirit, they couldn't be more of a better match!

Their wedding was a perfect representation of who they are. Amanda got ready in the family farm house with her family and bridesmaids close by her side. Then off to Jared for a sweetly places First Look located under the weeping willow.

Their wedding day was filled with true joy!

Bob + Hannah // Wedding // C.J. Hummels

I appreciate these two love birds and the humor that they share! They cracked jokes constantly and they fell into giggling fits over each other. It was to fun to watch and document.

As she walked down the aisle, tears slipped down his cheeks as he watched his radiant bride coming close. It would turn anybody's heart in to a puddle on the floor.

And then with out farther ado the party was ON and they danced the night away with all their friends and family celebrating around them!


Jason + Katie // Camp Wedding// Woodcrest Retreat

You know those couples that you meet and warm your heart right up as if you were sitting by a fire. Well that was Jason and Katie! So kindhearted with a pure love for each other! 

If I had to sum up their wedding day in just two word it would be Genuine Joy! She giggled at his jokes as he  breathed his soon to be wife in. And what better place to get married at then a woodsy retreat center. I was in my glory because I always wanted to photograph a woodland camp inspired wedding <3 Plus they had a fire roaring behind them as they became MR. and MRS. Yeah it was pretty spectacular.

Enjoy viewing Jason + Katie's Wedding Day....

Justin + Erin // Wedding// Kutztown PA

Justin + Erin were two of the kindest souls you will meet! They attracted each other through the love of hard work and farming. As she walked across the hay auction grounds -Justin knew she was a perfect match for him. And so they started writing their love story.

The moments of getting were so sweet with a giddy excitement in the air. And then it was TIME. Time to see each other. Time to get married. Time to see all the work they put into this day come together.

 The ceremony was nestled on the top of the hill that Erin planted with sunflowers.  As we entered into the ceremony with a  tractor + wagon ride we were welcomed to the spectacular overview of the valley and grain set up. Justin stood in anticipation as he waited for his bride who surprised him by entering on their combine. It was a beautiful union of two hard working genuine individuals.

We adventured around the farm for the portrait section which told an even deeper part of the love they had for the land and each other. And then off to the reception to celebrate with friends and family.

Here is a lovely overview of how marvelous the day was!! ENJOY! 

Special thanks to Second shooter: Cara Marie Photography

Kelsi // Mommy + Me session // Wyomissing PA

All these lovely ladies that I had the pleasure of meeting at our mommy + me sessions have sweet babies on board as well.

Kelsi and her little buddy Garrett were just darling. He had the best serious expression with smiles mixed in as he warmed up. He is going to be the best big brother to baby. Congrats Kelsi! Cant wait to hear the news of little one arriving! <3

Plus A big extra Thanks to Cara for coming along side me with these sessions. She captured the first image! It confirms my belief that 2 photographers is better then one. All those other angles that get documented :)

Felicia // Mommy + Me session // Wyomissing PA

Its such a pleasure for me to meet mamas and rally along side of each other for support! And always nice to meet a like minded , home birth mama! Its not an always an easy job but it sure is extremely rewarding.

Felicia was so wonderful to meet at our Mommy + me sessions this spring along with her adorable daughter. I mean Look at Coraline's beautiful dark and long hair <3 Capturing all of her pure energy was exciting cause she always came back to her mama for secure hugs and kisses.

Soon we will be meeting her bundle of joy #2!

Cant Wait!

Diane // Mommy + Me session // Wyomissing PA

Real moments.

Tackling the idea of getting photos done with your little ones might be extremely overwhelming to you. And to be honest it might not go the way you had planned in your head! But that is truly Okay.

I have come to the realization that getting those sweet snuggles and true smiles is stepping back and letting them get comfortable. Take cues from them and adventuring around to what peaks their interest. Sure I will give some direction though the best times in lifestyle sessions are when you are loving on your Family.

Diane was super mom hands down.  I Loved how she was so interactive with her babes and covered them with sweetness. They are her whole world <3 Get out there with your kiddos and get those precious young ages captured.

Bob + Hannah // Farm engagement // Fleetwood PA

Bob + Hannah were to fun with their engagement session this spring! They met at Wawa while working so of course when they  found a farm that was a Wawa milk distributer we were destine to do their session there. And it did not disappoint! 

We had some serious cow action going on in the middle! I told them that the cows would  most likely be scared on them but those silly cows proved me wrong! But I was not complaining one bit.

I am looking forward to their Fall wedding :) I know its going to be awesome with one non stop party.


P.S. Blogging is not for the faint of heart. And I vow to be more on top of it now that Willow has made her entrance in to the World!!


Jason + Katie // Weaver's Orchard Engagement // Morgantown PA

Jason + Katie  are truly a match made in heaven! They compliment each other perfectly! He can get her to laugh so easily and she is the shining light in his eye.

We had the best time capturing their love as we adventured around the blooming Orchard. A short season on blossoms for sure but that was perfectly timed for their engagement session. And even though it threatened a little rain drops in the beginning it didn't dampen any moods.

Their wedding is going to be a wonderful woodland theme nestled in a retreat center! Cant Wait!

CONGRATS you two <3

Jessica // Lularoe Consultant // Kutztown PA

Jess is graced with a beautiful spirit and true charm. And on top of that she is a killer business women who is successfully running her Lularoe business! We gathered some headshot portraits for  her. Plus giving her clients some ideas on styling tips with the very versatile and comfy Lularoe! If you still didn't try their buttery soft leggings and OH SO comfy dresses -Id advise that you head her way! You could live day and night in these clothing.



Cara // Blue Marsh Lake // Headshots

 You know when you meet some one and you know right off the bat you are going to be good friends! Well that is how it was with Cara. We started going to the same church together and as interests collided we became quick friends. She has a beautiful soul who is eager to learn a new trait as an artist. She is journeying into photography with the education of graphic design along side her and I am so excited to have her by my side for this 2017 Wedding season.

This warm weather is getting us psyched for this upcoming wedding season of capturing some awesome love stories!  So much time & energy goes into perfecting/detailing/dreaming with weddings and we are more then honored to be apart of each of our clients special day!

Bring it on 2017! Lets document some LOVE!SWEET!LOVE!


Justin + Erin // Farm Engagement // Kutztown PA

I love getting to know clients like Justin + Erin. You start chatting and realize that you should have been friends way before this! It was super chill and fun documenting them in their own environment at the farm! Justin got the tractors out to add to the farm experience. And Axel their sweet dachshund followed them as we adventured  around!

Can't wait for this fall to celebrate with them!

Hurst Family // Lifestyle Newborn Session // Myerstown PA

Newborn sessions that are held in the comfort of the home where you can snuggle with your new blessing has a huge tug on my heart!  I love to get everyone comfortable and then true laugher can flow!

The Hurst family was simply wonderful! Emerson did a great job at being promoted to big brother as he gently rubbed Sullivan's tiny toes and checked him out from head to toe!! Sullivan was just so sweet as he snuggled into his mama's arms and spent quality time with daddy and his big brother!

CONGRATS Darwin & Krista , Emerson- Sullivan is super adorable and a perfect fit into your growing family!

Brock Family // Goggle Works // Reading PA

2017 is a new and bright year and a time to start a fresh chapter. My desire is to focus my time on things that I truly want to get done.  Im pretty excited for my new planner -The Time Keeper -Finding Joy in a Well Kept Life (  A place for my To Do List that is organized  and balanced with work things as well as family schedules AND meal planning!

 One of my biggest down falls was blogging. It just always got pushed on the back burner. And I couldn't manage kids and sitting behind the computer for hours. I felt so easily distracted with the computer in this fast moving world sometimes. But now making an effort for time management where I am purposeful with the time I give myself behind the computer is a big push this year.  I love my kiddos so much who lately seem to be growing like weeks on a hot sunny July day! I want to soak up every moment with them and run a successful business of creating art. I love that I get a chance to work with many amazing people and tell their story of life through photographs. That being said :

Here is a wonderful family with great parents that just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary! Their two older children were home for Christmas who actively serve in the Air Force giving a great opportunity to document this season of their lives!

The Brock Family is the sweetest and most welcoming family that I had the privilege to meet <3

Andrew + Crystal // The White Cliffs of Conoy // Maternity session

Sweet baby Jonas Leo arrived last week and I am reminiscing on this beautiful evening capturing this amazing couple. This little guy is blessed to have such wonderful & adventurous parents. 

The White Cliffs never disappoints with its PNW feel. We biked the 1.5 miles (*GO Crystal*) into the cliffs as the sun started to set. I loved collaborating with Crystal on her vision for their session. It turned out wonderfully.