Brock Family // Goggle Works // Reading PA

2017 is a new and bright year and a time to start a fresh chapter. My desire is to focus my time on things that I truly want to get done.  Im pretty excited for my new planner -The Time Keeper -Finding Joy in a Well Kept Life (  A place for my To Do List that is organized  and balanced with work things as well as family schedules AND meal planning!

 One of my biggest down falls was blogging. It just always got pushed on the back burner. And I couldn't manage kids and sitting behind the computer for hours. I felt so easily distracted with the computer in this fast moving world sometimes. But now making an effort for time management where I am purposeful with the time I give myself behind the computer is a big push this year.  I love my kiddos so much who lately seem to be growing like weeks on a hot sunny July day! I want to soak up every moment with them and run a successful business of creating art. I love that I get a chance to work with many amazing people and tell their story of life through photographs. That being said :

Here is a wonderful family with great parents that just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary! Their two older children were home for Christmas who actively serve in the Air Force giving a great opportunity to document this season of their lives!

The Brock Family is the sweetest and most welcoming family that I had the privilege to meet <3