Andrew + Crystal // The White Cliffs of Conoy // Maternity session

Sweet baby Jonas Leo arrived last week and I am reminiscing on this beautiful evening capturing this amazing couple. This little guy is blessed to have such wonderful & adventurous parents. 

The White Cliffs never disappoints with its PNW feel. We biked the 1.5 miles (*GO Crystal*) into the cliffs as the sun started to set. I loved collaborating with Crystal on her vision for their session. It turned out wonderfully.


David + Bethany // Boehms Chapel Wedding // Lancaster PA

Boehm's Chapel was absolutely one the cutest historical chapels I ever laid eyes on and it fit David and Bethany's wedding to a Tee. I hardly know where to start to explain the love and joy that they shared but I can tell you this that God was evident throughout the whole day. They exuded such devotion to each other and God.

This intimate wedding all took place at the chapel shining bright on top of a rolling hill over looking the farmland of Lancaster County. Then we headed in the the city to the cutest coffee headquarters to celebrate with friends and family over some delicious food.


The warmest Congrats to David + Bethany! May God richly bless your marriage!

Kyle + Brittany // Overlook Engagement

I like when sessions get personal and I can represent the two perfectly. 

We started out at Kyle + Brittany's house to grab these awesome wildflowers in their backyard with sweet Bella boo roaming around them. Then off to a beautiful overlook for some motorcycle lovin'

Cant wait for their summer wedding!!

Tair + Laura // Lancaster County Winery // Lancaster Wedding

This Jewish wedding between Tair + Laura was so sweet to document. As the day started off it was only Laura and her sister to share special moments as they prepped for the celebration. 

I loved every unique idea that  Laura envisioned. Their first look was intimate as Tair watched his bride walk down to him. And they were automatically engulfed in each others company. I could be absorbed into the background to capture those irreplaceable connections.

Congratulations! Many blessings on your marriage Tair + Laura!!!


Jose + Tierney // Columbia Station // Phionexville Wedding

Getting to know Jose + Tierney was so enjoyable from meeting them for the first time over coffee to the dance party that finished off their lovely wedding. They are a perfect match for each other and I loved watching them glow.

Their wedding day was perfect in weather and in celebration. And I am honored to document the love that they share.

Congrats Jose + Tierney on your marriage!

Ryan + Kate // Moon Dancer Winery // Wrightsville Wedding

Ryan and Kate were simply adorable. Like model worthy for sure. And even though it was an unusually hot September day they had wonderful senses of humor that made their special day so much fun.

Their wedding was held at the Moon Dancer Winery overlooking the Susquehanna River in all its glory. The day went so smoothly as they enjoyed all their friends and family! It was a true party of celebration and love.

Congrats Ryan + Kate Fanelli- You guys are the best! <3


Curtis + Kirsten // Zimmerman Barn // Newmanstown PA

I loved getting to know Curt and Kirsten and the love that they shared. I captured their engagement session on the snowiest of days and now a few months later we celebrated the marriage of Curt and Kirsten on the sunniest of days.

It was simply beautiful. I loved that the day started off with the quiet cherished moments of Kirsten being helped into her wedding dress by her sister in  the reserved barn while just below Curt was finishing up his details.

He called her His Bride and the emotions were high as they seen each other for the first time. I got all choked up with the tenderness that they exchanged! Every detail was well thought out and the joyous celebration was held below the breezy trees of the Zimmerman Barn.

Cant get over the beauty of their day! Congrats Curt + Kirsten Peachy!


Brandon + Sarah // Stoltzfus Homestead and Garden // Lancaster Wedding

I walked into Sarah's Bridal suite and knew from that moment that this was going to be a relaxed  and absolutely beautiful wedding day! 

The First Look took place upon a winding path tuck behind the barn. They laughed and smiled from ear to ear through out the whole Bride + Groom portrait session. They were to cute for words.

  Married and made as ONE in the redone tobacco shed with friends and family surrounding them was a joyous occasion. Then it was time to eat and be merry. And my favorite kind of food was served last with the yummiest soft served ice cream EVER!

Congrats Brandon and Sarah Miller!! Many Blessings on your marriage!

Austin + Courtney // Brick Gables // Lancaster County Wedding

Austin and Courtney's first look started off the day in a freshly greened orchard. He waited patiently and as she arrived he could not stop smiling. They roamed around the orchard enjoying each others company. 

Then off to the beautiful Brick Gables to see all their friends and family and join as One. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the simple but absolutely lovely details that were sprinkled throughout the day. I am so happy I got to know Austin and Courtney better and was honored to story tell the love that they share for each other.

Congratulations Austin & Courtney Newswanger!!

Brandon + Janice // Lancaster County Wedding

Watching your family grow by adding in a sister in law is a complete blessing. And the fact that I was able to document the joining of Brandon & Janice could not have gotten any better.

We went over to Lititz PA to the historical society for their First Look. It was the place that Brandon ask Janice to be his wife and now a couple months later they will be united as One in a couple of hours.

We roamed around "the coolest small town in America" for their portraits then ending with a yummy lunch in the park before heading over to the church! They were named Husband & Wife and with joy in the air we continued the celebration at Weaver Markets!

I am honored to call them Family. Congrats Brandon & Janice Snyder!

Sensenig // Lancaster County Family Photographer

I sit here with tears streaming down my face as I write this post. I love this family with my whole heart and tragedy is so difficult to process. I try to figure out WHY precious Avah was taken so suddenly from her loving family? Why did it happen to the ones I love? Why couldn't she live a full life? 

But God gently prompts me to the thought that if I would know the exact WHY It still would not answer my questions. There is a journey to be walked when heart wrenching moments happen. And we are called to surround the hurting. To hold their hands when they cant walk on. To pray fervently for God's comfort on their spirit. Always speak with a sensitive soul. 

I had the pleasure to document the Sensenig family on a warm August  afternoon on their family farm. They laughed, roamed the farm and enjoyed each others company. I am blessed to have captured these moments that they now hold so close to their hearts!

Mike + Kadee // Chickies Rock Engagement session

When you have two people who fit so perfectly together you know your just going to love them. Mike had Kadee giggling & smiling all night long! You could see such adoration in his eyes for her. 

We started our walk out to Chickes Rock with a few stops along the way. Shortly after, we arrived at the lookout over Susquehanna River anticipating the sun set and it did not disappoint!! It was gorgeous and so were my awesome clients with comfort and ease they swooned over each other as the sun set!!!


You could feel such joy flowing through this summer day as Corbin and Alison prepped. We started off with the men at Roland Park down the street from the church.  Then back to the church for Alison and her girls as she finished up her details. What a touching daddy/daughter first look with sweet tears. Plus a letter exchange between the couple before the moment were upon then to become husband and wife.

The Hoover reception was held at the Garmen Barn  with the most delicious food provided by "Big Johns" Catering. It was so relaxed with yard games out back and good fellowship to celebrate Alison and Corbin! 

Martin // FAMILY

This family melts my heart. Not only because they are family but just look how wonderfully relaxed they are and the bond that is so strong! And they sure do make CUTE  babies!! Which a happy birthday is order for sweet Noah who is soon to be the BIG 2!!!  How fun it is to see these little ones grow and become their own person.

Im beyond blessed to call these wonderful people family!! <3

Martin // FAMILY

When the sun is setting just perfectly and you have a lovely family with a full of energy toddler to photograph you know it is going to be a fun adventure. Lon & Sheila and Blaice were very photogenic and easy going so it made my job easy.  Grings Mill was a center grounds for us and it did not disappoint in places to go!

I ever so enjoy having reoccurring clients as I had done his 9 mo old photos its a treat to watch him grow up. He had his first experience with bubbles and the awe on his face was just priceless. He seem to have the time of his life hanging out with mommy & daddy, playing with tractors, running around and blowing bubbles. What a sweet little family. 

Davis // FAMILY

Im in awe of how awesome Mike & Rita are at parenting. It was so enjoyable to come into their home, document the moment to moment and chat about babies and family. Watching the older ones love on the twins was so endearing! It can only just give you some baby fever for sure <3


Ryan & Kathryn::Engagement::

What infectious love and laughter do these two share. They are so perfectly paired. They met each other at Hoobers where they work which is located in the cute town of Intercourse. So what better place to be then the place that a lot of time is spent together. It was a lot of walking, laughing and finding cute spots throughout town then finished up at their work with BIG chunky tires, an old school combine and a golden hour field. 

Ryan & Kathryn I am really looking forward to being a part of your special day. You two are to fun!