Lancaster PA

Bob + Hannah // Wedding // C.J. Hummels

I appreciate these two love birds and the humor that they share! They cracked jokes constantly and they fell into giggling fits over each other. It was to fun to watch and document.

As she walked down the aisle, tears slipped down his cheeks as he watched his radiant bride coming close. It would turn anybody's heart in to a puddle on the floor.

And then with out farther ado the party was ON and they danced the night away with all their friends and family celebrating around them!


Hurst Family // Lifestyle Newborn Session // Myerstown PA

Newborn sessions that are held in the comfort of the home where you can snuggle with your new blessing has a huge tug on my heart!  I love to get everyone comfortable and then true laugher can flow!

The Hurst family was simply wonderful! Emerson did a great job at being promoted to big brother as he gently rubbed Sullivan's tiny toes and checked him out from head to toe!! Sullivan was just so sweet as he snuggled into his mama's arms and spent quality time with daddy and his big brother!

CONGRATS Darwin & Krista , Emerson- Sullivan is super adorable and a perfect fit into your growing family!